dip coating coater optical smoke density electronics development

Dip coating devices

Dip coating devices are intended for preparation of thin layers by dipping solid substrates into the sol. Our devices allow for execution of precise, repeatable dip coating cycles according to preset parameters (dipping speeds, upper and lower positions, delays, number of layers to deposit etc.) Some devices are able to control temperature and humidity inside the dipping box. Our devices are designed for laboratory usage and are suitable even for small substrate dimensions.

All dip coater models have unified, intuitive controls consisting of buttons and a large LCD display. Dip coating cycle is conducted according to three preset dipping modes. In manual mode, user can control delays between cycle steps manually. Automatic mode controls the dipping cycle with only one user intervention. Finally in the simple mode the whole dipping process is conducted on a single button press.

The device can be also controlled from personal computer via USB or RS232 interface. In such case the dipping cycle is not limited by three standard modes and carriage movement could be controlled freely. It is for example possible to change speed during layer deposition resulting in gradient layer thickness.

Coater 5 STD

Basic model of dip coater. Frame made of stainless steel, covers made of PMMA plexi glass. Cariage maximum displacement is 200mm. Box dimensions 300x300x500 mm

Coater 5 H

Model with extended cariage displacement of 460mm. Frame made of stainless steel, covers made of PMMA plexi glass or glass. Box dimensions 300x400x600 mm. This coating box can be mounted on the wall, which allows for dipping sol wessel to be attached below the box into a special flange. Whole cariage displacement could be then used for dipping. It is especially intended for coating of thin samples like optical fibres. Box is tight enough to be filled by nitrogen or another innert gas. On request the device could be equipped by manipulation gloves entries.

Coater 5 AC

Dip coater model with temperature and humidity control. Cariage maximum displacement is 200mm. Temperature range 10 to 40 degrees of centigrade. Relative humidity range 10% to 90% RH.

Custom design

In case that none of the standard devices fits your needs perfectly we can modify the design for you or desing a custom device just for you.