dip coating coater optical smoke density electronics development

IDLab company has been developing electronic instruments since 1993. Our standard products are mainly devices for dip-coating and devices for smoke optical density measurement.

Dip coating devices

Dip coating devices are intended for preparation of thin layers by dipping solid substrates into the sol. Our devices are designed for laboratory usage and are suitable even for small substrate dimensions. We provice several types of dip coating devices some of them are equipped with temperature and humidity control inside the dipping box.


Smoke optical density measurement

Smoke optical density devices are usually used as a part of fire testing systems for different kinds of materials. We provide devices to be mounted outside the testing chamber as well as version which are robust enough to be installed directly into the test chamber. These devices employ water cooling and air purging of input windows so they can withstand the harsh environment inside the test chamber.


Custom electronic instruments and software design

Beside our standard products we develop and manufacture custom electronic instruments on request. We provide support to our customers during the whole development process. We can assist with detailed specification, provide feasibility analyses, design electronic and mechanical parts, develop firmware and software, conduct all necessary testing and finally deploy device at customer's site. Obviously, we provide support during the whole device lifespan of the device in the form of warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance.